Have you ever wondered how to control the rotation direction or rotation speed of brushed dc motors?



The solution is the L298N driver. The component has 7 entries which I will now list.

The power inputs are: 5v input, maximum motor voltage input can range from 0 to 46v, ground.

The other 4 inputs are command inputs:

IN1 -> OUT1+ and OUT2-

IN2 -> OUT1- and OUT2+

IN3 -> OUT3+ and OUT4-

IN4 -> OUT3- and OUT4+

You can connect these command inputs directly to the arduino PWM outputs. PWM is an intermittent signal that allows, since arduino does not have analogue outputs, to “gradualize” the output from arduino. As listed above, the 4 outputs are OUT1 and OUT2 for the first motor and OUT3 and OUT4 for the second motor.



Personally I use this driver a lot, with voltages ranging from 12v to 24v, I have never tried it with higher voltages. Do you know a driver to drive motors of 48v to 200W? Write it in the comments!